I was born in 1978 in Lyon into a family composed of shopkeepers, carpenters, cabinet makers, engineers, biologists… As a child, I dream, I draw, I discover painters and their paintings in museums.

After having abandoned the idea of becoming an art restorer, I started studying architecture, and I have been working as an architect since 2007.

In 2003, I discovered that one could associate colors and emotions and I learn to understand mine with the help of colors.

Encouraged by my entourage, I decide in 2014, with the complicity of a friend, to give shapes, colors and life to this desire to paint that tickled me for many years… We now often venture together, sometimes separately, on this path of daring-creation.

I am interested, today in my realizations, in the sensations that cross me when I paint, in contact with the support, through brushes, knives, working the material-painting. What inspires me is the search for that feeling of pleasure to be able to express myself.

Let myself be surprised by what is going to be born and be, let my colours speak, allow them to mingle, bypass, touch, approach, play, draw to let them exist and give form, body and life to a plastic object that reveals a part of me.